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Our family.

Our family.

Market Garden Media is a small multi-media marketing and graphic design company located in Ithaca, NY founded by Robert Stickel and Jenn Bassman. Combined, they have over 20 years of experience in graphic design, social media, and strategic marketing focused on small businesses and non-profit organizations. 

Jenn Bassman has been a professional in the field of Marketing and Graphic Design for over 10 years, specializing working for in non-profits, small businesses and farms. When she is not on the job, you can find her working on the family farm, driving back and forth to the dance studio, or helping at 4-H events. 

Bobby Stickel is a Marketing Director, Graphic Designer. A veteran of the tabletop gaming industry, he has spent the past decade building brands and taking them to market with both technological innovation and grass-roots tactics. 

Zhora Stickel is the CFO (Chief Fun Officer) of MGM. At 8 years old, our sprout is a competition dancer who loves second grade and her animals (a horse, a goat and chickens). She is the main inspiration for all that we do here at MGM.